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How long has Casey's Caboose been in Killington?

Some say since the mountains were formed just before the last ice age. But in reality it was some years after that.

Why is it called Casey's Caboose?

Casey's Caboose was named after Jonathan Luther "John" "Casey" Jones the great American railroad engineer who died in April 30 1900 saving the passengers on his train. His mother, Mrs Jones is said to have lived near Killington in her youth.

When is Casey's Caboose open?

In the summer season Friday thru Tuesday opening 4pm. In the winter season open daily from 3pm.

Does the train still go round in the ceiling of the bar? 

Yes! But only if you can hit Goofy with a quarter.

Can I get a Plow Car Smash?


Can I still get Great wings?

Yes sir you certainly can!

Can I work at Casey's Caboose?

You can apply to work there.. details elsewhere on this web site

Is it true there is a Gin Kitchen?

We have a great range of gins and tonics and botanicals and the people to turn them into magical drinks!