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What's on offer?

♥ At last Casey's Caboose, one of the most famous eating and drinking places in Killington has opened it's doors just for you.

♥  A great range of Craft Beers. Not just a bunch of beers with interesting names but the very best carefully selected beers with something for every taste. And we have not forgotten cider. In addition to the drafts available on our Lubrication menu we also have a four tap with invitation beers and cider.

♥ A good selection of wines, both domestic and imported for all palates. We have included some sparkling options too.

♥ The Casey's Caboose Gin Kitchen.. Go check it out. An amazing selection of gins, many from Vermont along with a wide range of tonics and botanicals.

♥ Wonderful handcrafted gourmet burgers that are truly gourmet in taste not just name with specials each week featuring local produce. 

♥ The very best steaks you will find anywhere alongside surprise specials including roasted marrow bones (ooops, that will not be a surprise now)!

♥ Check out the various varieties of Mac & Cheese made with a special recipe.

♥ Fresh seafood.

♥ Not forgetting the great children's menu.

♥ Finally a wonderful range of homemade desserts, all so delicious you will forget the idea of staying trim.